Free Photoshop Actions

From this page you can download a ZIP file containing three sets of Photoshop actions, along with instructions for their use. Click the links below or scroll down to see what these actions do.


The Frame Shop

The actions in The Frame Shop group put your photo in a virtual mat and frame, and hang it on a virtual wall. The tone and color of the mat, frame and wall are customized for each photo, as shown in these examples:

The image files produced by these actions are in full high-definition resolution (1920X1080), so they're suitable for use as computer desktops. They can also be incorporated into video slideshows, printed, or used in many other ways.

But wait - yes, there's more! You can also choose to make frames from any of the materials shown below, with just one click:


The Zoom Background action

Are you tired of people seeing the same old room in your mansion behind you during Zoom meetings? Would you like to try a virtual background instead?

How about a gallery wall displaying four of your own photos, each nicely matted and framed?

The Zoom Background action, now included in The Frame Shop action set, makes it easy. Just open any four images in Photoshop and run the action to make a background like this:


The Kaleidoscope actions

If you've ever looked through a kaleidoscope, you know what these actions do - but instead of making the patterns from bits of colored glass, these actions use your photos as raw material.

You begin by selecting the part of the photo to use, and the action does the rest.

As finishing touches you can make the image into a perfect circle and add a gradient background.

Pixelated Overlay

The “Pixelated overlay” action blends an extremely pixelated copy of the image with the original. The image in the top layer preserves the color scheme of the original photo, but dramatic changes can be made by turning this layer off, and by changing the blend modes on the layers beneath it. Details are given in the documentation provided with the action.


This action can be used with any image, but it often produces interesting results when used on images produced with the Kaleidoscope action, as shown in some of these examples. (A couple of these also had some help from Topaz Studio 2.)



The Twirl action renders a photo as swirling lines. These are often pretty, but they have little to do with the original photograph, or even with photography. I didn't invent this procedure, the action just follows the steps laid out in this tutorial.


The twirl image is actually a blend of two layers, and the action sets the blend mode of the top layer to Lighter Color. I find this usually produces the best results, but you may wish to step through the other blend modes to see what they do.

I prefer to composite the Twirl image with the original by using a layer mask, as shown in some of these examples. Details for doing this are given in the instructions which are included with this download.


OK, here's the free stuff:

Before you leave, take a look at two short videos which use images produced with these actions.


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