Helmets Muscle Mud (Painting - Oil On Canvas)
The Great Salmon Parliament (Painting - Oil On Board)
MSU Sparty vs U-M Wolverine (Painting - Watercolor)
Spartan Big Ten Champions (Painting - Watercolor Gouache)
Tough Going Running Back (Painting - Oil On Canvas)
Tigers And Lions Juggling (book illustration)


At Custom Photographic we’ve worked with many artists over the years. Our expertise in digital technology enables us to produce archival “giclée” prints which are almost indistinguishable from the originals.

Art reproduction is exacting work, and the cost depends on the size of the original and other factors. We’ll provide you with a firm quote before we begin. After you approve the proof print which is included with the initial reproduction you’ll receive the digital image on CD. This image file is yours to do with as you please. It can be used to produce additional prints of any size in the future, and also for web sites and other purposes.

The reproductions shown in this gallery were done for Mr. Robert Brent, who held the distinguished and singular title The University Artist at Michigan State University. The originals varied greatly in size and media.

We’re proud to have been chosen by Mr. Brent. His work is available from Fine Art America.

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