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White point. Black point. Tone curve. Clarity, vibrance and white balance. All these adjustments and many others require attention in order to prepare a digital image to make the best possible print. Almost every digital camera photo benefits from skilled enhancements, sometimes dramatically. This is especially true when a photo is to be printed — viewing images on-screen is not nearly so critical.


When you order a print from Custom Photographic, I’ll give your image my personal attention. That’s my understanding of what “custom printing” means today.

The prices shown below are for the first print from a particular image. Additional prints are substantially discounted, and I’m happy to provide quotes for large or special jobs. The print sizes shown conform to common frame sizes, but prints which need to be larger in one dimension to accommodate various image formats  — i.e., 16X24 rather than 16X20 — are made for the same price.

5X7: $12.50

8X10: $16.75

11X14: $32.00

16X20: $38.00

20X30: $67.00

24X36: $90.00

Display-quality archival prints can be made from

For paintings, please see our




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When the starting point is a print, a scan is required, and I've learned the fine points of scanning through years of study and experience.

The original doesn’t have to be a conventional photo print. Tintypes, glass plates, rolled-up panoramic group photos, pictures in yearbooks, maps, those large oval photos with a convex shape — I’ve had experience with all these.

In addition to using the best techniques to recover and enhance the tones and details in the original, I’ll include a generous amount of retouching to fix scratches, tears, stains and other defects. If any work should require an additional charge the price will be quoted in advance.


Our copy services include the finished image on CD along with the print at no extra charge.

Print scans: $9.95 (prints prices as shown above)



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For many of the years during which I’ve made prints from slides and negatives the process was entirely analog, involving projection enlargers, darkrooms and chemical processing. Digital technology has actually made the present the ideal time to make enlargements from the slides and negatives of prior decades. The results are of much higher quality compared to even the best which was achievable with the technology available when that film was shot.

After scanning the film on our Imacon drum scanner, I’ll meticulously remove the dust and scratches which are inevitably present using non-destructive techniques. This is included as part of the service. You’ll also receive the finished scan on CD along with your print at no extra charge.

Film scans: $12.50 (print prices as shown above)


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